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Each year the Beadworkers Guild hold a challenge, where they set a theme and invite entries from their members.  I've entered this challenge for the last three years, and find it a great way to focus my ideas and extend my abilities.  The first year I entered I was thrilled to have my piece judged best in show, and last year I received a highly commended for my entry.

  2002 - New From Old

The theme for 2002 was new from old, and I beaded over a piece of root, covering it with new life.  Items include moss, various mushrooms and toadstools, snails, spiders, ants, butterflys and grape hyacinths.  This piece was judged 'best overall'.

2003 - Going Round in Circles

'10 second memory' - For this theme I decided on beading a goldfish in a bowl.  The goldfish is right-angle weave, the castle and snails are peyote stitch, and the various waterweeds are branched fringe, brick stitch and wire-work.

  2004 - The Exotic

'Icon' - Once the theme of 'the Exotic' had been set I knew I wanted to do something different to my two previous entries, which were both very naturalistic.  I've always loved the Byzantine icons, and with their stylised figures, rich colours, and use of precious metals they seemed ideal.  The panels for this triptych are woven on a Mirrix loom using delicas, and the design was worked from original sketches I made.  These panels were mounted on wood that I painted, gilded and waxed (after they had been cut to size - thanks Dad!).  A star was machine embroidered onto silk and dissolving fabric, and then densely bead embroidered for a jewel encrusted look for the outside of the panels.

2005 - In Full Bloom

'Bloomin' June' - Having recently bought Patti Medaris Culea's book, Creative Cloth Doll Making, I decided to make a flower fairy for this theme.  The doll was handmade on my shiny new sewing machine, with the addition of glass boot-button eyes and a set of eyelashes.  Her hair is mohair, and the body was dyed with silk paints.  She's then been dressed in a bead embroidered silk corset, laced with beaded ties; a skirt of machine embroidered silk petals with a beaded fringe and fastened with ribbons finished with beaded tassels; a crown of flowers peyote stitched in size 15/0 rocailles attached beaded braid; shoes laced with beaded vines, and a flower on each foot netted with size 20/0 rocailles; a beaded vine for a bracelet on one arm, and an armband square-stitched in size 15/0 rocailles on the other; and her wings are wire with needle lace using irridescent thread and beads.

    2006 - Fireworks

I didn't enter this year, but you can admire the winning entries here.


? 2007 - Architectural Aspects

Waiting for inspiration