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June 2024
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Last week

So here I am, at the beginning of my last week working for the NCBES!  Strange feeling, as I got up and came into work today same as any other day for the last two years, but this is it.  My last Monday as an employee here.

Here’s hoping one of the jobs I’ve been applying for comes through soon…

One of the things I won’t be missing though is working weekends.  I think I’ve had two weekends completely off since Easter, what with working with the bioreactor (an evil thing where the experiments need daily monitoring) and trying to get enough experiments done on it that we’ll be able to get a paper published.  Happily, I managed to keep it down to an hour or two on Saturday, and a couple of hours yesterday, so I still had plenty of time working on my Bead Journal Project page.  I started beading her on Friday evening, got loads done on Saturday, and then spent Sunday largely ripping and re-doing her face.  I was going to use a ceramic face, but once I’d attached it and beaded most of her upper body I realised it looked completely wrong.  I’ve now beaded her a face, and although it’s still not quite right (it’s a bit Barbie-like) I’m happy with it.


Comment from Judith
Time: June 26, 2007, 7:13 pm

Curious to see what is the face looking like. I have in Mind the fabulous doll you made with the purple hair – which look so realistic.
By the way, how is the book on beadweaving?

Comment from Claire
Time: June 27, 2007, 3:00 pm

Hi Judith,
I’ll have to take a picture of the page and put it up to show my progress on it. I’ve completely finished her upper body, and I’m now working on her tail. I’m glad you liked my doll as well 😀
Which book on beadweaving do you mean?