Hooray! An interview!

It’s a slightly worrying place, applying for new jobs.  I’m lucky, in that I have family to support me, but it’s still a bit dispiriting sending job applications into the ether and keeping your fingers crossed.  But today I got an invitation to interview in just over a weeks time – lovely to know that someone read my CV and didn’t burst out laughing at the idea they might want to employ me!  It’s also a job that sounds interesting, so wish me luck…

The updating of my website continues, today I added a banner and did some tweaking on the formating.  Not a big change, but it looks smarter.   I’ve also confirmed the new date for the Three Netted Necklaces beading workshop I’m teaching at Patchings – on the original date the Midlands received lots of snow, looking beautiful but preventing people from coming.

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