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May 2024
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Me and my Mum

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day over here, and having read this post on Etsy about crafting Mothers and daughters I wanted to write about my Mum – without her I wouldn’t be sewing/beading/knitting/drawing…

My Mum

Mum sitting in the snow at the Budapest Christmas Market - see the beaded necklaces at the stall in the background?

For as long as I can remember Mum’s been teaching me to make things.  One of the first crafty things I remember was Mum showing me how to stitch a snail shape in chain stitch.  All my teachers and relatives got handmade presents until I was in secondary school – cross stitched pictures, painted wooden spoons, orange pomanders…  I can even lay the bead obsession at her door – she taught me to make headpin earrings when I was about 8, took me to bead shops, and bought me my first seed beading book.  We laugh at the same things, she encourages me when I’m down or stuck, and gives me a kick whenever I need one!  In a minute I’m off to cook her a lovely (hopefully) meal, but I also wanted to say Thank You Mum!!!

Me and Dad

Me and Dad at the same Christmas Market - I was only allowed to put up a picture of Mum if I promised there would be one of me too!