Day 2 at the Patchings Festival

The weather cleared up and the sun came out!  Thirty-two coachloads today, and so many cars we moved onto the overflow car-park.

As the sun came out, people began enjoying the courtyard for a quick break between looking at exhibitions

I’m all talked out, as lots of lovely people came visiting who were interested in finding out what we do.  In between chatting I was working on some chain maille, and Mum was working on a miniature bear in a pale green fabric (who we decided to call Grasshopper).  After placing the last stitch she was showing him to me when he was bought on the spot!

Farewell Grasshopper, we barely knew you

We quickly labelled and photographed him, and then Grasshopper set off to his new home.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow, the weekend is usually very busy with more of a mixed crowd of visitors.

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