Beading links

I’m forever forwarding links to people, but I don’t keep a record of them anywhere.  So I’m going to try and build this page up as I come across things…

General bead sites

  • – useful site with articles, projects, a forum and tons of links.
  • Beadelicious links – a great site to explore, but I’ve put it in this section especially for its extensive links.

UK Bead shops

Semi-precious minerals suppliers

Beading instructions


  • Beaded heart – The instructions are in Japanese, but you can see the website in english here.  There’s a second heart on the same site here.

General instructions

  • Alexis – instructions for a range of projects including beaded beads, necklaces and braclets.  All instructions in English, German and French. 
  • Ruby’s beadwork – instructions for a range of projects.

Beading around a cab

  •  Beadnik – a method that doesn’t use a fabric backing

Nepal/Biva stitch

St. Petersburg chain

Patterns and kits

  • Bead knitting
  • The Knitting Zone 
  • Bead Crochet
  • Tapestry crochet – instructions for tapestry crochet and links to some projects including beaded bags and baskets