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May 2024
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And she’s finished!

Drum roll please….

I’ve finally finished the doll I’ve been making!

All done

(click on the pictures to see larger versions)

The bodice gave me some trouble, but was finally completed. It’s made from silk, embroidered with beads and couched metallic thread, and trimmed with hand-dyed lace (that I prepared at this workshop – knew it would come in useful one day!).

If you click on this to see the larger picture, you can see the bodice more clearly

After that, I made her sandals (with a beaded flower at the toe), a vine trailing up one arm, an armband for the other and a necklace. The wings (which I’d made earlier) were then attached as the final step (they got left to the end as otherwise they tend to get in the way…)

From here you can see her bracelet and a bit more detail on the wings

The wings are green/bronze angellina fibres on a pale gold organza with some machine embroidery to bring out butterfly wing patterns. Copper wire was then stitched across the top of each wing, and a green crystal bead added to the end of each wire.

The wings are backed with organza

Although it’s felt like a difficult birth a few times, I am pleased with how this doll has come out – I’ve now got to make another one for my brother!

Ankles elegantly crossed...


Comment from Pigeoneater
Time: May 4, 2011, 9:06 am

It looks fantastic!!

Well done, whats her name?

Comment from Claire
Time: May 4, 2011, 11:03 pm

Thanks Rob! I’m very pleased with her.
No name yet, I’ll leave that to the lady who commissioned her.

Comment from Jane
Time: May 6, 2011, 9:15 pm

She is gorgeous. I can not wait to see her in person. I will be at Patchings on Saturday to transport her home.
Perhaps we can decide a name together. Until Saturday, Regards, Jane.