My grandparents arrived on Friday without any problems, and we’ve had a good time this weekend. I’m still feeling a bit off from my cold, so on Saturday we took it pretty easy, going for a mooch around Galway. We strolled down to the harbour to visit the swans…

…before walking back up into the centre […]


It rained! And rained, and rained, and rained. And then for some variety it rained for a bit. We had big plans – we were going to drive through the Burren (possibly along the coast road) to the Cliffs of Moher, and were then planning on driving down to Bunratty for a bit of a […]


So last night I went to pick up a friend from Shannon airport. Her plane got in at 10.20pm, so we went straight to bed when we got back to my flat last night, but today we headed into Galway for a bit of a mooch. I drove us in and we parked up by […]

Pictures from Dublin

Dad’s sent me the pictures he took during their trip to bring me my worldly goods. As they drove through Dublin on Friday, the traffic was going slowly enough that he got the chance to hop in and out of the van and take a few pictures include this one of the statues in memory […]


So Mum and Dad came over driving a HUGE van with all my things inside. They arrived Friday evening, Saturday morning we were putting together furniture and finding new and interesting ways to injure ourselves, and then we went into Galway hunting out oysters and Guinness for Dad and a look around the city and […]

Rob’s visit

Dropped Rob off at the airport for his return flight, and then come into work to catch up on my email (I dragged the poor boy into work with me on Saturday, so I could get caught up enough on my cell work to take most of the day to take him back to Shannon).

Friday […]


Rob’s coming to visit today, which means I’ve got to head out to Shannon Airport in about half an hour to pick him up. I’m getting very excited about seeing him – he’ll be the first visitor to my flat, and apparently he’s loaded up his suitcase with goodies for me from home! I’m also […]