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July 2021
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I flew back to Galway yesterday, via Leeds Bradford airport. I’m not sure what I think of it – it’s very convenient for me at the Galway end, but the Leeds end is not that easy to find or get to. Even having travelled the route on Friday, we still managed to go wrong again yesterday! It’s very compact, particularly at check-in where it was tricky to figure out who was queuing and who was just standing around due to the lack of space. On the other hand, the departure lounge is very comfortable, and has obviously recently been refitted.

It was good though to get back here mid-afternoon. It meant I had time to unpack and unwind a little before work on Monday – and I was back in plenty of time to catch Torchwood on BBC3! I’m undecided at the moment, it’s a bit keen on the fact that it’s after the watershed (rat jam anyone?). So far I’m not enjoying it as much as I do Doctor Who, but it’s good enough that I’ll keep watching and give it a few more episodes. It’s always difficult with a new programme, as they have to dump so much information on you! I do like the extra BBC channels though (BBC3, BBC4 and BBC7). I saw a great programme on Mrs Beeton last week, and there’s been some good stuff on the main BBC channels recently as well (Jane Eyre, Robin Hood, a new series of QI…).

I was very sorry to hear about the death of Paul Walters over the weekend. The morning radio just won’t be the same without him.

So it was back to work today, and meeting with my supervisor as we work out layout etc. for a paper we want to write. Exciting, and a bit scary as it’s not something I’ve done before! I’ve also realised today that I’ve used up an awful lot of holiday this year (I get 21 days), so I’m juggling things around trying to go to Budapest in December…

Mum, Dad and Wilbeary have moved on from New York to Denver (which looks a lot nicer than I expected – not sure what I was expecting though), where it’s apparently very cold, but they’re keeping warm by eating cheesecake.