New book

I spent the weekend in Nottingham, where Dad kindly spent some time counselling my computer, so that it now no longer feels the need to shut down if I ignore it for too long (although I had to compromise and remove my screensaver).  I was also able to pick up my post, including my brand new and shiny external hard drive (for storage and so I can The Beader's Colour Mixing Directoryback-up everything in case my computer does decide to die on me), my copy of Art Doll Quarterly, and – most exciting of all – my copy of The Beaders Colour Mixing Directory by Sandra Wallace.  Sandra is a very nice lady I’ve taken a class with at the Great British Bead Show in 2005, I’ve bumped into her a few times since, and this book is fabulous.  It’s clear, well laid out, and I think it’s a great introduction to colour theory as well as offering a wide range of suggested colour schemes to get you started.  And it’s got 6 of my pieces included in it!  In fact, to demonstrate the colour schemes in action it’s got a wide range of beadwork, mostly (if not all) from British beaders, which makes a lovely change when so many beading books come out of America.

I had my life painting class again last night, where for the first time I tried to introduce colour into the painting (having spent a load of money on some new acrylics this weekend).  Unfortunately, I decided it was probably best to start off with a limited palette, and the painting is still grey!  I’m going to have to work on this…

Being back in Nottingham I also took the opportunity to hit Hotel Chocolat, where I stocked up on truffles, waffles, chocolate gemstones, dark orange chocolate bars, a small tray of gianduja, a small tray of mint fondants, and a small tray of whisky truffles.  As I still have some chocolate left over from my shipment from home, I’m maintaining that this isn’t a lack of self-control on my part – just a reflection on their horrendous postage costs to Ireland!

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