I was due to fly back into Galway on Monday, but due to a horrible, horrible cold I ended up staying home until yesterday to give me a chance to recover. The journey back went fine, right up until I was a few miles outside Galway when one of my front tyres gave up the ghost and developed a puncture. I wasn’t too worried, as I carry one of those cans that fill your tyre with foam so you can drive to the garage, but as soon as I began to fill the tyre the foam began to spray out of the large hole in the wall of my tyre. I’ve been having problems with a slow leak for a while, so it looks like the tyre just couldn’t take it any more. Although I have RAC membership, it’s still for the UK, but I took a chance and gave them a call anyway. They turned out to be wonderful, and arranged for a local tow company to come and pick up my poor, lame car even though I wasn’t really covered – HOORAY! for the RAC. They were fabulous the time we broke down three times in Stevenage as well so I recommend them heartily.

The tow company then turned out to be lovely as well, taking me and my luggage home, and then hanging on to my car in their yard until the garage opened the next day, when they dropped the car off with the garage along with my contact details. I dropped by the garage this afternoon and was told that both my front tyres need replacing and they wouldn’t have the right type in stock until Tuesday. Happily though, it’s not going to cost as much as I thought it might. Also happily, Grandma and Grandad are arriving later today to visit, and they are hiring a car so I’ll still be able to get around this weekend.

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