Daventry was fantastic.  Learnt some new things, met up with old friends, made new friends, spent FAR too much money, promised to write an article for the Journal, and got some work for the Guild done (mostly working on proposed new things for the website).  I didn’t actually finish anything in the two classes I took (Twist and Twine with Liz Thornton and Embellished Peyote with Isobelle Bunting), but I will post pictures when I finally do finish them.

It was then back to work, and preparing for a big meeting with my boss yesterday, presenting on all the work I’ve done here since I started back in August ’05, as my contract was due to expire end of this month.  I think the meeting went well, especially as I’ve now been told they’ve managed to get me another month’s funding, and are trying for more!  So I won’t be kicked out onto the streets of Galway just yet.  This is good news, as I’m waiting to hear about some funding and some other jobs I’ve applied for, so at least I can keep a roof over my head while I’m waiting to hear.

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