Here should be beading

As the festival is looming ever nearer, I’m beading like a fiend in order to build up my stocks whenever I’m not in work.  Happily, my local video rental place obviously heard that this was going to happen, so they’ve introduced DVD box sets to rent for a week at a time, so I’m working my way through Lost (which I’d heard a lot about, but never seen.  It seems pretty good so far).  I’ve done some new necklaces and bracelets (still playing with the techniques learnt at Daventry), but unfortunately my camera seems to have joined the ranks of Electrical Equipment I Own That Hates Me.  Well, it’s possibly my rechargable batteries or my battery recharger that’s actually bust.  So I can add my camera to:

  • My laptop – this time it’s the cooling system that’s acting up.  Apparently an easy fix I should be able to sort out myself, but until then I have to turn it on, ignore the error messages until the fan finally stutters into life, turn the computer off, give it a minute and start it up.  Then everything works fine.
  • My DVD recorder – which believes that time is an arbitary constraint, not amazingly helpful when setting up a timed recording.
  • My printer – not an electrical fault, but the plastic thingy stopping the ink cartridges from escaping tends to pop open half-way through printing a document, which gives the printer a panic attack.  This problem soon to be fixed with Duck Tape.
  • My washing machine – tends to err on the side of caution when deciding if the door is shut securely enough to start washing.  (Ok, only a little fault, and considering I’ve never lived anywhere with my own washing machine before I’m not complaining too loud on this one.)

Otherwise though, life is good.  Still coming to work every day, but over the last week everything’s been working so I’m happy.  We’ve got what the radio described as ‘gale-force breezes’, but the sun is shining, and the Bay looks beautiful.

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