BJP June progress

Yes, I know it’s July, but I’m running horribly behind…  Being back in the UK for the weekend, I deliberately only brought what I needed to work on the page, and managed to get some done on Sunday.  I was then stranded in the UK (again!), as my flight was cancelled due to a technical fault, and the next available seat was on a flight for tomorrow.  So I’ve been busily working on it today, and got lots more done.

BJP June progress

She’s actually further along than this, I’ve completely finished the tail, added some more hair and started on the water.  Hopefully I’ll get her finished and July’s page started before the end of the month!

5 comments to BJP June progress

  • Absolutely beautiful. This looks like a large piece, what are the measurements.

    don’t worry I am in the same boat, I am still working on June but July is beginning to come along as well. I figure as long as I start in the month concerned and finish all by the end of the year, I earn myself a gold star!

    Hope the job hunting is going well. My eldest is just graduating with a biology degree. Before she starts her masters at Texas State, she is taking a 6 month sabbitical so she can earn so money!

  • This is delightfully wonderful!

  • Brenda

    She is gorgeous. Who cares if she is late, well worth the wait.

  • Yes I agree she is coming to life in her own time. Luscious in fact.

  • Thanks, all of you. Jacqui – she’s fairly large, coming in at 5 3/4″ square. It seemed like a good idea when I started her, but that turned out to be an awful lot of beading!