Moving back to Britain

It’s finally come, I’ve moved back to the UK (Nottingham to be precise).  The movers were here until 2.30 this morning, and I had to leave for Dublin to catch the ferry at about 4.30am, so in the end I didn’t bother with going to bed.  I just gave the flat a quick clean, had a shower and set off.  I was fine until I got on the ferry, when I crashed a bit.  Happily though, the ferry still had cabins available and with an 8 hour trip from Dublin to Liverpool I managed a few hours sleep.  I managed to stay awake long enough to take some pictures of Dublin as it disappeared over the horizon.

Leaving Dublin

I’d definitely recommend P&O along this route.  If you take the Swift to Holyhead the trip is only about an hour and a half, but this route was a lot cheaper, the ferry was much more comfortable, and two meals were included in the price!  I also only had to drive from Liverpool to Nottingham (about an hour and a half to two hours) after we docked instead of the 4/5 hour trip from Holyhead.

I’m back home now, and looking forward to a good nights sleep!

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