July BJP

I’ve not forgotten about the Bead Journal Project, I’ve just been caught up in the move and teaching at Children’s Activities (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).  I’ve known for a while that I wanted to do a Green Man for my July page.  This was to fit in with my theme of faces, and to represent my move back to Nottingham.  The Green Man is often linked with Robin Hood in local folklore, and he’s often seen as a manifestation of the forest spirit, so it seemed the ideal image for July and my move back here (visit the Sherwood Forest website for more about the links between images of the Green Man and Robin Hood – click on the link for ‘Spirit of Robin’ and ‘Spirit of Sherwood’)

I’ve started with a photo of my Dad – he looks suitably overgrown!


This was then run through some filters.

Dad glowing edges

Dad 'find edges'

I quite liked the way this looked so the next stage was to crop the face and remove his glasses.

Dad 'cropped, no glasses'

I’m liking the way this looks, so now to photograph some leaves and start adding to the picture

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