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November 2021
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British Museum and Sound of Music

As part of the birthday/anniversary celebrations, Mum and Dad got tickets to go and see the Sound of Music on the West End.  They bought tickets for me and Rob as well and for our grandparents (Dad’s side), and we arranged that we’d all meet in London at the Dorchester for Afternoon Tea today.  My grandparents live in Harpenden (near London) so Rob came down to Nottingham on Saturday, and we both drove to Harpenden yesterday to visit them and catch up with the family news (Rob in Sheffield would be the most northern member of the family – I think), as they’ve kindly offered to put us up. 

So myself and Rob caught the train into London around lunchtime, as we thought we’d like to visit the British Museum before meeting with everyone else.  We didn’t stand a chance of getting to see the Terracotta Warriors, as we’d made the decision to visit the museum too late to get tickets for today, but there was still plenty to see.  We picked up the audio tour of the highlights of the museum, and only got through about 8 of the 40 or so items before our time there was up!  We did manage to see the Rosetta Stone, the marbles from the Parthenon, and the items from the Sutton Hoo ship-burial, as well as a range of Egyptian sculpture and some Assyrian sculpture and friezes which I loved and made Rob spend a long time looking at while I took stacks of reference photos.

Nereid Monument Head of Amenhotep Assyrian frieze Belt buckle from the Sutton Hoo ship-burial

We then hurried to the Dorchester to meet the rest of the family (we’ve got to go back to the museum though – still so much to see!), where we felt very posh as we enjoyed Afternoon Tea in the Promenade, before heading to the London Palladium for The Sound of Music – which was FANTASTIC.