Reason to tidy up (occasionally)

Some new windows are being fitted tomorrow, so I’ve spent some of today sorting out the spare room/study/library/general dumping ground so the fitters can actually make it as far of the window.  As a lot of what’s in there is books I’ve mostly been straightening up the bookcases that line the room, and along the way I came across this.

It’s a book of hungarian sewing, embroidery, crochet and cross stitch patterns that was my Grandmother’s.  There’s an inscription and date inside the front cover that shows this was a gift to her just before she and my Mum left for the UK to join my Grandfather.  It’s a real treasure trove of patterns, instructions and techniques, and you can see from indentations in some of the pages (and the occasional traced pattern tucked in the book) that my Grandmother was tracing some of the designs to use in her own work.  This was a really lovely thing to find – makes all the rest of the dusty work worthwhile!

Page spread from inside book with cross stitch patterns

Page spread from inside book

The book has a number of fold out pages for larger patterns

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