And another class

So this post is running a couple of weeks late, as I’ve been poorly sick for a bit (nothing serious, just a virus-thingy that knocked me back a bit).

Both me and Mum were supposed to be going on another workshop with Janet Humphrey (who’s just launched her new website), this time on Victoriana.  Mum’s had a bad back the last few weeks, but I still made it out there, along with most of the people who were on the Venetian Glory workshop from my last post.  This time we’d all brought a selection of lace, and spent the morning dying our lace (and some of Janet’s stash) with silk paints.  The weather was gorgeous, so we were able to hang them out to dry while we broke for lunch.

Our lace samples, drying in the sun

Our lace samples, drying in the sun.

The idea was to then use motifs and sections of the lace in a small embroidered panel, with a bit of a Victorian feel to it.

My lace

My dyed lace samples, together with backing fabric, ready to start stitching.

My piece isn’t very far along yet, but it was another great day.

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