In England for a bit

Flew home on Friday, courtesy of RyanAir from Shannon Airport. Amazingly, I managed to get a lot of the jobs that I somehow couldn’t find time for earlier in the week done in the hour and a half between my waking up, and having to start the drive to Shannon! I then got poorly sick with some sort of virusy thing on Saturday, and ended up feeling rotten from Saturday afternoon through Sunday. I’m beginning to suspect there’s something in the air at Nottingham – I so often get ill within a day or two of coming home for a visit (the fact I’ve been sleeping and eating at odd hours for the last week due to the fun and games of printing my thesis whilst holding down a job? Not relevent. I blame Nottingham) . Mum reckons it’s a ploy on my part to stop her leaving the country. The last two times she went to New York I got sick (though I don’t think one of them counts, as I was with her in New York at the time), so now I’m just getting it in before she leaves.

Happily, I feel great today, and have been enjoying the lovely weather while I traipse around the city centre hunting for somewhere to print the colour pages and bind my thesis. I was hoping to get it done at Nottingham Trent University as they were fantastically helpful with printing the copies for examination, but unfortunately their print shop is moving premises, and so is closed from last Friday until next Monday. But Nottingham University Print Shop have come through for me, not only promising to print the remaining pages tomorrow for the best price I’ve been quoted yet, but also recommending someone who can bind my thesis! It won’t be finished until next Tuesday, but my lovely brother has offered to pick it up from the binders and post it to Manchester for me, where the very kind admin assistant to my internal examiner is happy to collect the relevent forms and hand over my thesis to the graduate office (as I fly back to Galway on Sunday).

Overall, people really are amazingly helpful.

Going into town again tomorrow, with Mum, to get my hair cut, which it desperately needs. I’d also like to browse around town a little, not neccessarily to spend money (‘cos I don’t have much), but just to enjoy being back in Nottingham. Then in the evening we’re off to Ikea so I can buy some furniture for my flat. Not much, but I could do with some bookcases, a desk, and a few odds and ends. Sounds like it’ll be a good day 🙂

On the films update, just because I’m back in a house with internet, phones, and tv, doesn’t mean I stop watching DVDs. Last night we watched

  • The Day After Tommorrow – the special effects were amazing, I can’t comment on the rest of the film much as Rob had a visitor staying, and so with all the chat I lost the plot a bit. Will have to watch this one again
  • 50 First Dates – which was soooooo much better than I expected from seeing trailers and hearing about the film.
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