Packing up

So Thursday was Mum’s birthday (me and Rob gave her a duck), Friday (yesterday) was Dad’s (bottle of whiskey of course!), and today is their wedding anniversary, so it’s been all go here for the last few days. Thursday night we cooked Mum a nice meal, last night we went to see Pride and Prejudice (not as good as the 1995 BBC adaptation but still very enjoyable), but all is quiet now as they flew off to Budapest in the wee small hours of this morning.

Which means I’m in this evening, with Rob, and STILL packing. I have a new method now. Everything gets sorted into either ‘Going to Ireland’, ‘Charity shop’, ‘Bin’, ‘Storage’ or the new category ‘Wardrobe’. This is because I agreed with Mum last night that I’d leave a few things in the good wardrobe in my room (the piece of furniture that isn’t going to be thrown out), to sort through properly at Christmas. The problem is that the new category is getting pretty popular. Do you think she’ll notice if I’ve had to chain the doors shut, and the sides are bulging?

Edited to add: Turns out, the answer is ‘yes’.

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