Today I woke up to blazing sunshine at my place in Knocknacarra, but by the time I got to work (15 minutes drive away) I was travelling through thick fog. I quite like fog, and it’s very surreal sitting in the office on the 2nd floor and feeling like we’re floating as when I look out of the window all I can see is grey.

Not much posting recently as I’ve been busy preparing for the Patchings Christmas Market this weekend. I always enjoy this, but was almost out of stock so I’ve been beading away in the evenings topping up. I’ll try and get photos taken of the new stuff this weekend and added to the website. I’m really looking forward to it – both for the market itself which is always great, but also because it’s the first time I’ve been back to England since September (and it might snow!). I’m also getting excited about my trip to Budapest for the Christmas Fair in a couple of weeks, and work are sending me on a trip to Aachen sometime in the next few weeks! I could get used to this jetsetting lifestyle 😎

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