Catching up

The Christmas Market at Patchings went very well, and I had a great time. We had tons of people coming round, but although they were spending we all noticed that the money was only really coming out for the small items, and very few larger, more expensive items were sold. Small things all add up though! I then flew back to Galway last Monday and spent the next 4 days actually doing the job that I’m paid for! It was all a bit frantic, as I now won’t be back in work until the 15th, so had to write an abstract for a conference, a short presentation, and get my work to the point where I could leave it alone for 10 days. I then flew back to England on Friday (AerArann from Galway to Luton for a change – pricier, but the timings mean I didn’t have to take yet another day off work) for a meeting on Saturday, and flew back to Galway a bit over an hour ago.

So far, that’s 2 flights in December.

I’m then off to Dusseldorf in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning with some people from work so we can visit a lab in Aachen we have a collaboration with, and flying back to Ireland on Wednesday.

Up to 4 flights now.

Then on Thursday I catch a plane back to East Midlands to meet up with Jo and my parents, ready to fly to Budapest early on Friday for the Christmas Market. We fly back from that late on Monday, then I’m graduating on Tuesday afternoon. Finally I fly back to Ireland on Wednesday. 8 flights in total spread over 13 days – I expect to be happy, but shattered.

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