Work can be pretty sometimes (if frustrating)

I’ve been doing a bit of immunofluorescence staining recently on my cells. This lot are some coronary artery endothelial cells nicely stained for von Willebrand Factor (a protein you find on the cell membrane in endothelial cells). The green is the protein and the blue is the cell nucleus.

On the other hand you’ve got these coronary artery smooth muscle cells stained for smooth muscle alpha actin – a protein you should always be able to find in this cell type that’s part of the structure supporting the cell from the inside. This time the red is protein and the blue is the nucleus.

This time I’ve got one nice big cell in the middle being nicely behaved with lots of protein, and lots of cells around it with NO ACTIN! Apparently, figuring out what on earth is going on here is what they pay me for, but there are days when I’m not sure it’s enough…

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