It’s another gorgeous, gorgeous day, which again means that work is half empty! I can’t comment though, as I arrived a bit late myself 😀 In honour of the sunshine, I’ve put up a more cheerful layout.

I head back to the UK tomorrow, so that I can borrow Mum’s car and drive all the way up to Co. Durham for the Beadworkers Guild Regional Day. I’m really looking forward to it – a chance to meet up with people, spend some money, and do some BEADING! I don’t seem to have much time for that lately, so this will be fabulous.

3 comments to Durham

  • Babe,

    I love the new layout and design. How did you do it? Its so fresh and girly I just have to do something similar. Please please help me 🙂 I have the time to learn a new web language but just need some pointers.

    Hugs, K

  • Afraid it’s a bit of a cheat! I use WordPress for my blog, and I downloaded the theme from some they make available

  • Looks like I may have to see if I can crack the code then. Wish me luck!