I finally finished all 6 chapters of my thesis and got them sent off to my supervisor for a final read through. I’ve still got to make any changes she suggests, and I think she’s going to suggest quite a lot for the discussion, but I get to have a little break for a week or so now while she reads it all. Which is good as I LEAVE FOR NEW YORK TOMORROW. Can you tell I’m excited?

Last night the internet and TV connection went down, so I ended up watching Babylon 5 DVDs and working on the rug. This is an enormous latchhook rug we’ve been working on for years. Once a year or so we get it out and get another foot or so finished, before getting fed up of tripping over it and putting it away again, but last night I finished it!

As you can see, it’s a lovely day over here, and the cat is taking full advantage of it. I think she knows how good she looks against the grass in the sunshine

Finally, I was in Patchings yesterday, and got some pictures of the blue-tit sitting on the eggs.
Nest cam 11/05/05 nest cam 11/05/05
The eggs will probably hatch while we’re gone, which means I’m going to miss seeing the newly hatched chicks :cry:, but they should still be in the nest when we come back.

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