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November 2021
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Nest cam (last pictures) and Festival

This is going to be the last picture I can take of the chicks, as I fly back to the UK tomorrow after a very enjoyable Festival. They’re very active now, and I shouldn’t think they’ll be in the nest for much longer. The poor parents have been run ragged trying to keep them fed! […]

Nest cam update

Aren’t the chicks getting huge? Definately six visible in this picture.

Down to seven

The plan was to take today off, spend some time at home, and go shopping, but with the Festival looming ever closer we popped into Patchings for half an hour to tidy up a bit. I know things don’t kick off until Thursday, but Mum will be driving down to Heathrow tomorrow to pick Dad […]

Nest cam

Spent the day in Patchings preparing for the Festival. The marquees are going up now, and everyone is getting very excited. The chicks are still getting larger (and still eating non-stop), we can now hear them cheeping quite clearly. The nest box is in a laburnum tree just outside the studio at Patchings, so we […]

8 chicks

The chicks appear yet bigger! But we’ve only spotted 8 of them today, so we think we might have lost the smallest one. Several of the ones that are left now have little wings, with markings on the feathers. Everytime they hear a noise all these beaks open up hopefully, and we can now quite […]

Nest cam

I was teaching a beading class at Patchings today, but we couldn’t stop looking at the nest-cam. The chicks look bigger today, we’re sure of it. I guess they’ve got to get up to the size of their parents before they leave the nest, and they only get 2-3 weeks to grow to that size. […]


I’m back in the UK, so I spent the day in Patchings working on some handouts for the bead course I’m doing tomorrow. This meant I’ve now seen the chicks on the nest-cam for myself! They look so strange, like little aliens, but are adorable nonetheless. Their eyes aren’t open, but every time they hear […]


Dad’s updated the Bearhugs site with pictures of the chicks!!! Aren’t they TINY! I’m going home on Thursday, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures of my own over the weekend.


Why I ever coughed up the money for a Rough Guide to Ireland, or spent time searching for internet sites about the place before I moved here I don’t know. I’d completely forgotten the existence of H2G2, which has a fairly accurate and amusing entry on Galway that’s got me giggling at work this morning. […]


Spring has sprung, so I really need to knuckle down and give both the website and this blog a more cheerful theme – hopefully fairly soon. This could be the time when I finally knuckle down and learn enough html to write my own theme for the website – but don’t hold your breath! I’ve […]

Nest cam

Last year Dad got a nest-cam for Christmas and we watched a pair of blue tits build a nest, lay eggs, and then… vanish. When we cleaned out the box the eggs had gone as well, so we wondered if something had got into the nest box (the blue tits widened the entrance an awful […]


I finally finished all 6 chapters of my thesis and got them sent off to my supervisor for a final read through. I’ve still got to make any changes she suggests, and I think she’s going to suggest quite a lot for the discussion, but I get to have a little break for a week […]

GBBS 2005

I’ve been away the last few days at the Great British Bead Show in Daventry, where I’ve had a fantastic time. On Friday I did a course in chain maille with Jean Power… Then on Saturday I made a wirework loom vessel with Sandra Wallace… I haven’t quite finished it – I still need to […]

Six eggs


The blue tit’s been busy – we now have five eggs!


Ages since I did a nest-cam update, so here are my latest photos… These were taken on 10th April, and the nest is still growing. On 17th April she’d filled up the nest-box so much that she looked much bigger on the TV screen. She also seems to have become aware of the camera, and […]


It’s been a while since I’ve put up any photos from the nest-cam, but I am still taking them. So here’s the update on our blue-tits… These photos were taken on the 20th March, when the blue tit was still working hard on altering the shape of the entrance hole to the nest box. There […]

long time, no updates

I know, I know. It’s been a while since I added to the blog, and even longer since I updated my website. In my defence I will say that I’ve been giving the site a spring face-lift, so won’t be updating until that’s finished, but I’ve been working on that for the last 3 or […]

Nest-cam update

So it turns out that when blue-tits go to sleep, they turn into balls of fluff with a tail sticking out. Who knew?


Well the weather might still be wintery… … but there are signs of spring. In particular the nest box at Patchings (just visible in the picture above) has been checked out by a blue tit today! He was in and out all day, and I took this picture in the evening, when he seemed to […]