So I’ve decided I don’t like my website. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the content (even if it is woefully out of date), and I definitely want a website (if only because the address is listed in my book), but I’m not happy with the look of the site. I designed it a couple of years ago, and I generally keep with the same look but update the colour scheme with the seasons (ish), but I’m getting bored with it now. That’s part of why there’s not been an update for ages – I have new content to add, but want to change from the winter theme first and can’t come up with anything I’m happy with. Any ideas anyone? Less fussy? Plain background? I like the menu, but maybe move it? Answers on a postcard, please.

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  • Hey babe, loved both looks. I think I prefer the tulip one but only because i’m a sucker for flowers and don’t eat watermelon 😉

    All you need to do is add my blog to the links list – ha ha ha

    Went to Bravissimo at the weekend on your instruction and returned with 2 beautiful bras for a curvy lady. I am so much happier now. I thought I was doomed to wide strapped colander sized bras but these look sexy and fresh and boy do I feel better about myself.

    BTW – You fee anytime to meet up? Its been way too long. I am off to Slovenia soon but am quite free when I’m back. Let me know your thoughts. You have my msn address.

  • The tulip is probably going to make a come back, as my current update for my website is going to be pink – and I must add your blog to the list!

    I LOVE Bravissimo. I have some blouses and a suit from them as well.