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June 2024
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Hooray! An interview!

It’s a slightly worrying place, applying for new jobs.  I’m lucky, in that I have family to support me, but it’s still a bit dispiriting sending job applications into the ether and keeping your fingers crossed.  But today I got an invitation to interview in just over a weeks time – lovely to know that […]

Long time, no blogging

*Sweeps dust and cobwebs away, lots of coughing* So it’s been a really long time without posting, but it seems time to start again.  Since last posting I got a new job and moved to Wales, and then got made redundant a few weeks ago.  So it’s back to job-hunting for me.  In the meantime […]


So I’m trying my hand at adding a widget to the sidebar. I’ve managed (after a lot of trial and error) to add this one in (showing books), and I’m getting there. I can add it in ok, but I’m having fun figuring out how NOT to mess up the CSS. It’s not too bad […]


So I’ve decided I don’t like my website. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the content (even if it is woefully out of date), and I definitely want a website (if only because the address is listed in my book), but I’m not happy with the look of the site. I designed it a […]


Spring has sprung, so I really need to knuckle down and give both the website and this blog a more cheerful theme – hopefully fairly soon. This could be the time when I finally knuckle down and learn enough html to write my own theme for the website – but don’t hold your breath! I’ve […]

Still alive

I know, I know. I should post more often, especially as the backlog of photos is building up of things I’ve beaded or knitted, and places I’ve been too. However I got my new work computer hooked up to the network today, meaning that I’m not stuck on the sloooooow computer, and I’ve got over […]

The snow is still lingering in places, despite the fact it’s been raining most of today, and it looked beautiful for my birthday. I had a lovely time, spent fairly quietly with family. My grandparents came to visit for the day (I hadn’t seen them for about a year) and we caught up on family […]

I’m connected!

Well, the NTL man was waiting for me when I got back home, and I am now connected!! He wasn’t able to set me up for digital TV which I had wanted, as my TV was built around about the dark ages, but I now have internet and phone set up. This means I have […]

New Blog

So Dad’s finally started writing in the blog he set up ages ago. I’d comment in it, but I can’t log in 😥

New theme

So, I’ve just found out how to upload a new theme, which gives me a chance to get rid of the blue and white, and try something new. I’m also having a good look at the source as part of my quest to figure out how to write my own layout. So, I’m having a […]

Web site update

Hooray!! I’ve finally updated my web site. It’s not as good an update as I’d like – I’ve got loads of content I still want to put up there (photos of my other crafty stuff, book shop, tutorials) – but that’s just going to have to wait until the thesis is out of the way. […]

long time, no updates

I know, I know. It’s been a while since I added to the blog, and even longer since I updated my website. In my defence I will say that I’ve been giving the site a spring face-lift, so won’t be updating until that’s finished, but I’ve been working on that for the last 3 or […]

New theme

So I’ve been upgraded to the latest version of the word press weblog, but I’m still not too sure how to make changes on it. This could be it. I may have to learn html 🙁

Website update

I’ve just been updating my website, the links page has a few more links added, and I’ve updated the about me page. The about page now has photos of all of us on it, but they’re not very recent 😉