Web site update

Hooray!! I’ve finally updated my web site. It’s not as good an update as I’d like – I’ve got loads of content I still want to put up there (photos of my other crafty stuff, book shop, tutorials) – but that’s just going to have to wait until the thesis is out of the way. As it is it’s taken me all evening to give the thing a spring facelift, add a few more links, and update the ‘about’ page. It wouldn’t have taken that long if I hadn’t taken a strong dislike to the new colour scheme and background image I’d been working on over the last few weeks, and decided to completely redo them 😕 I’m still not totally happy with the colours for the menu and title, but I’ll work on them…

Thanks to those who have said nice things about Mopsy’s head :-D. It’s (not sure if it’s a he or she yet) a lot of fun to do so far, and I’m getting what I wanted from the course, which is to learn more about needlesculpting (and make a really good-looking doll!). I’ve done some needlesculpting with making bears, but nothing on this scale.

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