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July 2021
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Spring has sprung, so I really need to knuckle down and give both the website and this blog a more cheerful theme – hopefully fairly soon. This could be the time when I finally knuckle down and learn enough html to write my own theme for the website – but don’t hold your breath! I’ve been saying this for over a year now…

In the meantime I’ve had a nice lazy few weeks. Everything was manic before Easter as I was preparing to attend a conference in Manchester, which I was giving a presentation at. The conference was great – better than I thought it was going to be actually – and I really enjoyed it. It was also great being back in Manchester for a visit, if really odd. I kept feeling as though I’d never left, it all felt so familiar to me. I had to keep reminding myself NOT to get on a bus and head back to my flat! Good fun showing Marie around and taking her to some of the places I used to visit all the time, and while I was there I managed to meet up with someone I used to work with for a drink and to catch up on the gossip.

The conference finished on the Wednesday before Easter, so rather than fly back to Galway straight away I hopped on a train down to Nottingham to visit my parents. The Easter Bear Fair was on on the Monday, and it went pretty well. Lots of people came round, and Mum sold a few bears. As I then had a meeting in London the following Saturday I decided to be completely lazy and I took the whole week off work. I didn’t do a huge amount with the time, mostly drooled over my new delivery of coloured and silver jump rings that had arrived from over the Atlantic, and made some new jewellery with them. We also managed to meet up with my Grandparents in that time, and catch up with their news.

The blue tit had built up her nest, and I spent the time I was home eagerly checking on the nest cam to see if there were any eggs – in the end I flew out of England on Sunday and she started laying on Monday! We’re not sure how many eggs there are so far as this year she seems determined to hide them well when she’s not actually sitting on them. With a bit of luck though, I’ll get to see the chicks when I go home for the Festival.

So, that brings me back to Ireland. We’ve just had a three day weekend for the May Day bank holiday, a lot of which I spent cooking and working on the computer. Saturday was lovely weather, so I took myself out for a drive, but Sunday and Monday it rained quite a lot. This meant I got some diagrams done on the computer that I’d promised to a friend and got quite a bit of cooking done. I’ve fallen into the habit of always eating the same few things – quick to prepare and I don’t have to think when I’m at the supermarket, so this weekend made a pleasant change as I tried out some new recipes and filled the flat with pleasant smells. And, of course, I rented some more films. This weekend I worked my way through

  • The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe – I’ve actually bought this as I loved it so much in the cinema. It remains very true to the book and looks amazing.
  • In Her Shoes – I enjoyed this, a great film for curling up with in the evening.
  • Sky High – I feel almost embarrassed to admit I rented this, but it was good fun.
  • The Producers – I dunno. I did enjoy this, and it had some great moments, but overall it felt flat. Not one I’ll be buying.
  • The Legend of Zorro – lots of fun. Antonio Banderas buckles his swash beautifully
  • It’s odd. I read far more than I watch films, but somehow I never mention what books I’m reading…